Trevor Noah really couldn’t hide his joy after bagging this new gig


Trevor Noah really couldn’t hide his joy after bagging this new gig

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The Daily Show host and South African comedian Trevor Noah have been announced as the entertainer for the White House Correspondents’ dinner in April.

According to Oriana Gonzalez from, the annual event was canceled in 2020 and 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and former President Donald Trump did not attend the dinners during his presidency.

On why choosing Trevor, WHCA president Steven Portnoy of CBS News Radio said: “The White House Correspondents’ Dinner celebrates Americans’ freedoms and the working people who bring the news to the world. Trevor is an incredible talent who keeps us laughing and thinking four nights a week.”

Upon hearing the White House dinner announcement on Twitter, followers started commenting.

“The week before the White House correspondents’ dinner I’m going to attempt to guess as many of the crushingly obvious jokes Trevor Noah will make as possible.”

“ Personally I think @Trevornoah is hilarious. Who is this guy crying about Trevor Noah? What is a Gutfield? And finally, I’m glad to see the #WHCD back after having a “president” w/ an ego so fragile he wouldn’t have one.”

“Most woke people praise him cos his platform represents their ideologies. I’m also liberal but never will I be lured into the wrong impression that Trevor Noah was or is sympathetic towards black people’s plight. This is the guy who was loved by SA white right wingers, for what?”

There were also some people that were not happy about the announced and believe Trevor received the opportunity because he was not black in completion.

“Even Sizwe Dlomo did well on Channel O that he deserved an international platform but his skin wouldn’t allow him. Sizwe himself is a better presenter than Trevor Noah. I didn’t read that kak book cos yup I knew it had an ulterior motive with the excerpts I saw on the internet.”

Not sure if it a good idea to compare the two friends, we don’t want to cause any beef between them. The two were seen enjoying December holidays in Cape Town with their crew Anele Mdoda, Khaya Dlanga and Xolisa. Trevor came with his girlfriend Minka Kelly who posted on Instagram she enjoyed her trip to South Africa.

She posted: “Take a trip to South Africa. Find friends like these. Have the holiday of a lifetime. Thank you Mzansi.”

Trevor began appearing as a correspondent on Comedy Central’s satirical television news program The Daily Show with Jon Stewart in 2014. When Stewart announced that he was stepping down as host, Noah was announced as his replacement. Through the Daily Show, Trevor has continued showing his talent and raising the SA flag high.

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