Trouble so soon? Lebo wants Letoya Makhene back

Trouble so soon? Lebo wants Letoya Makhene back

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Businesswoman, Lebo Makhene UN agency simply married Generations actor and singer, Letoya Makhene says that she’s going to ne’er set up another solo vacation for her married person once more as a result of she got extraordinarily lonely.

The bourgeois aforesaid she planned a weekend getaway for her married person as a result of she’s ne’er rested since their Lobola celebrations.

“We are thus agitated within the previous couple of months. A month into the year I may see simply however dog-tired she was. thus in the week i made a decision to book a weekend away for her to travel and relax and meditate.”

But her romantic gesture backfired on her as a result of the newlyweds have not been apart since they met. the maximum amount as Latoya required the relief Lebo accomplished however lonely she was while not her married person.

The lonely bourgeois stated: “So my married person and that i have much been along each day ever since the day we tend to met, Lebo explained. very much like i used to be occupied with work, it’s been a really lonely weekend and that i subjected myself to sleeping alone. I’m ne’er doing this once more and can’t watch for her to urge home these days. I hope she is well rested and rejuvenated.”
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Letoya and Lebo created headlines once it had been according that Latoya is truly a lesbian and she’s in a very relationship with a lady in Gregorian calendar month last year.

However, the couple did not waste time designing their massive day when Lebo popped the question in October, then in real time started lobola negotiations. Letoya discovered she was virtually a bride-to-be for less than seven days before the marriage preps started.

Then the combine tied the knot in a very gorgeous ancient ceremony.

They hosted their ancient wedding on Gregorian calendar month twenty two because the combine aforesaid “I do” with their shut family and friends as witnesses.

The two additionally created headlines recently once Lebo discovered that she doesn’t believe Letoya’s career as a healer.

It all started in a very Facebook interaction earlier this year by Linda Ande Yende wherever he exhibit a question:

“What created you think that black magic actually exists?” to that Letoya’s married person responded: “Ai Nna I still don’t believe black magic.”

Then an acquaintance commented on Lebo’s response and said:
“They will bewitch you to not believe that it will exists then ba go nyese freely”.
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Then laughingly replied: “Ke jola autoimmune disease autoimmune disease healer, o Tla ba loya.”

Then modern replied: “then it suggests that ga o dumele gore mothu WA gago WA fodisa” {meaning|which suggests that|that means} (it means you are doing not believe that your person has healing powers).

Lebo responded by saying: “Bathong modern, I support everything she will however I don’t have to be compelled to have identical beliefs as her.”

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