Tumi Morake celebrates her twelfth wedding anniversary

Tumi Morake celebrates her twelfth wedding anniversary

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Tumi Morake (born 22 December 1981) is a South African comedian, actress, TV personality, and writer. Tumi was born and raised in a Free state, in 2018, Tumi Morake became the first African woman to have her own set on Netflix. She is also known to be the first woman to host Comedy Central Presents in Africa. Tumi Morake is a successful actress. The movie star is best known for her roles in highly talked-about films such as Skin, Soul Buddyz, and Kota Life Crisis, and many others and has established herself as one of The South African actresses note. Over the years, she has built a large fan -base, garnering so many followers, and has gained wide respect for her craft.

Mpho Osei Tutu(born 31 December 1981), is a French-born South African actor and voice artist of Ghanaian-Mosotho descent. He is best known for his roles in the films and television serials: Seriously Single Mrs. Right Guy, and The Jakes Are Missing. Apart from acting, he is also a screenwriter, director, and producer. Tutu also starred as the leading character of the South African 2018 series called The Imposter which was the second boy’s vision following the first girl’s vision, he played the role of Tebogo and Gary Mokoena.

Love is a beautiful thing especially when you have someone to share it with. And no matter how busy you are if you love someone you will do everything in your power to make it work. Tumi Morake is a busy woman and being in the entertainment industry is can be toxic sometimes, and it’s hard sometimes to juggle both relationships and work at the same time. But Tumi Morake is one of those women we gonna call superwomen as she managed to do it all at once.

Some people might think marriage is a walk in the park but no that’s not true it needs a lot of things, and if those things are not met the marriage might end. But Tumi fought to keep her marriage together with her husband and she is still fighting.

And this proves it, as she took to her social media account writing a heartwarming message for her husband as they were celebrating their 12th anniversary together. As she wrote @mphooseitutu our marriage is hitting puberty, my guy! Wow, well done to us.
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This kind of relationship are an inspiration because not many people reach this stage, more especially if they both have careers but Tumi and her husband made it through and they are still going strong this shows that even in your busy schedule if you love someone for real, you can make it work matter what.