TV Personality Lillian Dube questions celebrity sangomas.

TV Personality Lillian Dube questions celebrity sangomas.

TV personality and actress Lillian Dube playfully challenges the beliefs of celebrity sangomas and South Africans who claim to have a calling.Dube shared in an interview with sangoma and radio personality, Dineo Ranaka that the current generation seems to be grappling with depression, according to The South African

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Lillian Dube said:
“This sangoma thing. It amazes me, it looks like a trend like now. A lot of young people like you [Dineo] right now are accepting their calling [thwasa].But when I look at what’s happening, I’m like no man, these kids are lying, they’re depressed. Unemployment is high, men don’t meet their needs anymore.”

Dube joins the ranks of TV personalities who have spoken out about sangomas, following in the footsteps of Khanyi Mbau, who boldly shared in 2022 that anxiety is often mistaken for a calling.

“This is the most anxious generation. That’s why we have so many sangomas. Urban sangomas. Anxiety is wild! You will hear drums, I swear!! laugh it off. You aren’t alone; just get magnesium and a bit of vitamin B12 and have sea moss. That’s the only sea you need,” she said

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“I am not attacking you. I’m just saving you money. Stop buying cows, chickens, and goats. Instead of buying melatonin to help you sleep and to boost your serotonin, your mood is better. With magnesium tabs and lots of B12, you can be your own healer.” she revealed.

South Africans React to Video

@Penelope_Makala: “She’s got a point though. People become sangomas as soon as things go south in their lives. We need to accept whatever life throws at us and take accountability for our actions and decisions. That’s it!”

@thulanireeds: “Gobelas” will take you into thwasa knowing very well that you have no calling. If there’s money to be made, they’ll take you in and “train” you, very sad.”

@Tsigwili: “U mama is right though, all of a sudden, kuya thwaswa, and it has nothing to do with i’calling. Ba depressed nje, unemployment, chronic sickness, single parents, not married, substance abuse, not a homeowner, toxic relationships, peer pressure the list is endless

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