TV presenter Lamiez Holworthy Turned down multiple gigs.

TV presenter Lamiez Holworthy Turned down multiple gigs.

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Lamiez said that she got approached by multiple political parties to play at their rallies but she had to turn them down.

Although it was not the easiest thing to do, she decided to not join or rally for any political party.

Taking to Twitter, she set the record clear:

“Turned down multiple gigs too. Wasn’t the easiest thing to do but felt right,” she said.

As we know and have reported here in Mzansi Celebrity, other celebrities found themselves dragged on social media for showing support to political parties.

Makhadzi got dragged on social media for posting a picture where she was wearing a dress with ANC colors. She was performing in Limpopo at an ANC rally where Cyril was going to speak at.

That led her to take down that post and even explained that she is not ANC member nor was she wearing the party’s regalia but she had to perform there.

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DJ Tira also got dragged on social media as he was seen at an IFP rally where he was performing. Tweeps assumed that he was an IFP member too but he set the record straight that he was an artist booked to perform, he is not a member of the political party.

Earlier on, we reported on Lasizwe Dambuza, who is even trending on Twitter because of his video where it shows a poster with his wife as an EFF President of LGBTQI+ community. He stated that he fully endorses the EFF.