Tweeps blaming the Musa Mseleku dynamic for some of Sne’s flaws

Tweeps blaming the Mseleku dynamic for some of Sne’s flaws

Following Sne Mseleku dropping the bomb she is indeed pregnant with her third child last week. While most viewers were shocked at what they have coined as negligence and recklessness, some viewers blame the whole Mseleku family dynamics for some of Sne’s missteps.

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After an intense sit down with MaCele, Sne Mseleku continuously rubbished the claims that she was pregnant with her third child. While MaCele was not letting things go without a firm response from Sne, eventually Sne admitted that she was indeed pregnant with her third child from a different father.

Musa Mseleku was beside himself after learning about Sne Mseleku having another child with another man on top of that. However, viewers have since blamed the Mseleku dynamic for some of Sne’s flaws, including the issue of getting pregnant every now and then.

“Sne got pregnant at a young age and Musa alienated her and her child, Mpumelelo has a whole baby and concessions are gently being made for him and even planning a party for said “out of wedlock baby” One thing about the patriarchy it is gon’ patriarch” wrote Lucia Ralepobe

Another Musa Mseleku’s child Mpumelelo has also taken after his father to be in a polygamous relationship. Not only that Mpumelelo also has a child already but viewers have pointed out that his situation was handled gentle with care as compared to Sne Mseleku’s situation.

Meanwhile some viewers have totally opposed to the comparison, as they have pointed out that also Mpumelelo has a child but he is the most responsible and independent. Viewers are convinced that Musa Mseleku’s parenting were never the cause for Sne falling pregnant time and again.

“You don’t understand culture then if you think it’s patriarchy. Sne is a girl child when she makes babies they are for the fathers family. Mpumelelo is a boy child her children are Mselekus. And it’s unlike they don’t support Sne they even took Thando fully” wrote Ceetro

“Why are you tryna make Mseleku and MaCele bad people when they literally gave her a house to live in?? They’re even taking care of her child” wrote Zanele Mofokeng

Viewers are also celebrating that last night’s episode wasn’t made around the issue of wife number five. However, other burning issues and topics were discussed.

“This was a wholesome episode seeing the children and not mentioning number 5 was very refreshing” wrote Nqobile Cheezie

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