Tweeps calls Lady Zamar to be cut off on the music industry.

Tweeps calls Lady Zamar to be cut off on the music industry.

Now the trending thread on Twitter, under “who is that one artist you have canceled forever” you will be shocked to find out tweeps have actually canceled Lady Zamar and calls for her to be cut off on the music industry.

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This is after award-winning musician Sjava, Jabulani Hadebe took a breath of relief after the rape case against him opened by girlfriend Lady Zamar was thrown out of court by National Prosecuting Authority (NPA).

This was on the grounds that they believed evidence or the facts do not support successful prosecuting.

Sjava then posted a video on social media denying the accusations.

Social media users were divided with some defending Sjava while some backed up Lady Zamar and that hasn’t changed till now.
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While some on Twitter calls for Lady Zamar to apologize to Sjava so he can get his life back, some still believe in Lady Zamar remembering that South Africa is the rape capital of the world.

Some tweeps also believe that Lady Zamar accused the musician of fake rape accusations in order to destroy his life, career and get away with it.

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Lady Zamar she still has so much support from her fans, believing that she was indeed raped in a relationship and not being able to prove it, it doesn’t necessarily mean she lied, it simply means the South African system failed her.

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