Tweeps have called out Sithelo Shozi for attention seeking

Tweeps have called out Sithelo Shozi for attention seeking

Sithelo Shozi is catching stray as she after she jumped on a bandwagon while another tweep was putting her baby daddy down. An angry tweep took to Twitter to complain about her baby baddy that she doesn’t even wish for her worst enemy

“I don’t wish my baby daddy even on my worst enemy. The biggest L of my life” wrote Zamangwabe Khanyile

Immediate, Sithelo Shozi retweeted this lady’s tweep in an attempt to also put down her baby father. While most tweeps were convinced that Shozi was trying to ridicule her ex boyfriend and baby father Andile Mpisane, other we confused because they never heard anything about Shozi’s first baby daddy.

Some tweeps have called out Shozi for attention seeking as she is subtly provoking Andile Mpisane. Reportedly, just last month, Sithelo Shozi and Andile Mpisane were in court following the threats Mpisane made to Shozi on twitter during one of their social media squabbles.

After the threats Mpisane made while threatening Shozi’s life, Mzansi was up in arms as they joined hands and rallied behind Shozi for a petition to get a restraining order against Mpisane. According to Shozi, on the 30rd October, Shozi was in attendance in court and by the look of things, it appears worked in her favor.

Shozi has been kind enough to keep some of her fans and followers in the know with her court case. Shozi admitted herself that she owed it to her fans and people at large because they were the same people that helped her with the petition signatures that has been heard by the court.

“I was definitely in court this morning. Nobody will EVER pay me off” wrote Sithelo Shozi

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