Tweeps trolling Andile Mpisane over his weight

Tweeps trolling Andile Mpisane over his weight

Andile Mpisane is the child of multi-millionaire Shauwn Mkhize. As such, he has lived with a silver spoon since the day he was born. A fact that continues to be the site of contention due to the belief that some of the things he has accrued and achieved would not have happened if he was not Shauwn Mkhize’s son.

One of those points of contention has always been the matter of how Andile is able to wear the hat of chairman and key player for the family soccer team, Royal AM. The “AM” is believed to be the acronym for Andile’s name and surname.

When it was first shared that Shauwn had bought her son an entire soccer team, many were congratulating her as it meant that Andile was the youngest chairman of a PSL team in history. Which at the time was reported as:

Social media users cannot overlook just how much of a great mother Shauwn Mkhize is to Andile. We mean, she bought a soccer team, then made her son the chairman. Before anybody knew it, he was on the field playing ball with the team. Andile was then compared to Jomo Sono because he too wore the number 10 jersey.

Now, as the team is set to play their next match on Saturday, 4 February 2023, Andile has faced criticism for his body.

Andile Mpisane body-shamed over soccer fitness

Days before, Andlle took to Instagram to share an image of himself doing drills on the soccer pitch as the team was gearing up for its first match of the year. Fans in the comments section dragged Andile for his caption as they questioned the validity of his “work hard” sentiments considering his own privilege.

However, with Royal AM set to be in a soccer match with Golden Arrows, unflattering images of Andile and his noticeable fupa have caused outcries as to his match readiness. This is as given his role as the team’s chairman, it is safe to assume that he will play as part of the starting lineup.

But is the reason due to his fitness, which would come as a surprise due to him being visibly overweight, or because he and his mother control the finances and going ons of the team? Tweeps seemingly believe the latter is the reason why Andile is still part of the actual playing team.

The matter of Andile’s weight and fitness for the match has overshadowed news of the team’s latest signing. This is as Royal AM recently celebrated the signing of soccer star and now former Orland Pirates player Happy Jele. According to The South African, Jele is the fourth former Orlando Pirate player to sign with the team by explaining that:

While details around Jele’s contract are still unknown at this stage, he becomes the fourth former Orlando Pirates player on the books of Royal AM.

Prior to Jele signing on the dotted line, Royal AM already had Mthokozisi Dube, Thabo Matlaba and Menzi Masuku as former stars who previously shone for the Bucs.

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