Tweeps want Prince Kaybee to be as vocal about AKA’s situation like he was about Black Coffee’s

Tweeps want Prince Kaybee to be as vocal about AKA’s situation like he was about Black Coffee’s

Prince Kaybee
Prince Kaybee

It doesn’t rain but pours for producer and DJ Prince Kaybee who has just come off the rear of a cheating scandal.

The Ayabulela hitmaker was everywhere social media last week and topped South African social media trends lists after his alleged side-chick exposed him for cheating on his girlfriend and radio presenter Zola Ayabulela Mhlongo, affectionately referred to as Zola Zeelovin.

With his nudes everywhere social media and his dirty linen call at the open, the DJ resolved to confess that he indeed cheated on and humiliated his girlfriend publicly . Issuing an apology, Prince Kaybee also apologised to his mother and his fans.

It’s a new week and one would think that Prince Kaybee’s shenanigans are news of the pasts, but not on Twitter and not so fast. The Low Key Records boss didn’t know that an innocent picture of himself would end in numerous insults and attacks from Twitter Users.

The musician simply posted an image of himself; no caption and no gimmicks, but little did he know that he trolls were expecting him to tweet.

The comments sections was plagued with comments about his nudes and fans telling him that they can’t check out him an equivalent way then incident. Others wanted to understand what his views were regarding the allegations of domestic abuse against rapper AKA since he was very vocal when Black Coffee was accussed.

The DJ just can’t seem to catch an opportunity , even after Hazel (his side chick) issued a politician public apology for her actions.

In the statement she had written, in part: “I would really like to require this chance to apologize to Kabelo for the posts, and any damage that the last picture may have caused to his dignity, public image, personal life and his businesses.

Upon deep reflection, I now realise how unjust and uncalled for my actions were, and that i would really like to use this chance to apologise unreservedly. I even have since deleted the post and that i condemn with seriousness against the continual circulation of these pictures by others.

She further stated that she hd met Prince Kaybee in September 2020 through a politician work project that they were both involved in; making it clear that she has never engaged in any casual or relationship with the musician from the time she met him so far .

“I regret the whole incident and have taken to heart all the tough lessons that came with it. I don’t shall make any longer public statements on this matter and appeal that Kabelo be afforded the privacy to affect any matters that arise from this unfortunate incident,” she added.