Twitter: AKA Best Friend knew something about his death

Twitter: AKA Best Friend knew something about his death

The death of famous South African rapper AKA has taken the country and the world in shock after he was murdered in Durban on Friday night. AKA was among his friends when he was shot in the head by an unknown gunman and further investigation is currently ongoing to apprehend those responsible for his death.

There have been several speculations among his fans and wellwishers who believe his friends know about his death because according to the CCTV footage of how he was shot, the body gesture of his associates looks suspicious. A South African national has taken to social media to publicly share a post accusing Don Design, one of AKA’s best friends of knowing something about the murder of the 35-year-old celebrity.

Some South African nationals have reacted to this in different ways, take a look at some of their responses below,

“What surprises me is no one went to check on AKA, they just left him lying there alone. But they are close friends. I don’t get it. True friends would have held him, cry and try to wake him up even when it was obvious he is gone, but people who loved him would have done that.”

“The shooter already had a gun in his hand when he approached SupaMega hence the guys that were facing the direction of the streets saw and moved. The only thing is why didn’t they warn AKA that he should watch out or run or something, they just left him there.”

“I was once involved in an incident where someone was shot and seated right next to me. We were having a conversation and let me tell you, about an hour before the incident happened I was so uneasy. At some point, I wanted to chase him away, but he noticed and asked if I was okay.”

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