Twitter dragged Lasizwe after his tweet about faith Nketsi

Twitter dragged Lasizwe after his tweet about faith Nketsi

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Thulasizwe Siphiwe Dambuza (born 19 July 1998), known professionally as Lasizwe, is a South African television personality, social media personality, radio host, comedian, actor, and YouTuber. He became a local internet celebrity by uploading videos of himself interpreting how South Africans act on social media.

Faith Nketsi born 30 December 1994 is a South African influencer, model, and entrepreneur. She is well known for being a member of a dance group called “pro-Twerkers”. After she left the group she became a model and Social media personality.

As we know that Lasizwe has not been so lucky when it comes to love life, so yesterday after seeing a video of Faith Nketsi posted on social media where Faith’s boyfriend bought her a car for their 3rd anniversary, a lot of people were taken by that as they couldn’t believe it. And they had a lot to say and Lasizwe also had something today.

Lasizwe took to his social media account and left a comment that caused him to be dragged on social media, Lasizwe wrote: Whatever Faith Nketsi said in her prayers, Amen.

It was like people were waiting for him to say something and they didn’t waste any time answering him and someone in the comment section wrote: you too Whatever you said in your prayer managed to get a 2 Million from us.

And then the other one wrote: I wonder what did your sister say in her prayers. Aze ashiye… ay futhi cut. I guess people are still angry after what Khanyi Mbau did, but now they are taking it out on Lasizwe because his supporting his sister.


But then does it mean every time he says something they will remind him about what Khanyi did and the 2 million they say he allegedly stole.

More comments are below:

And knowing people on social media will never stop until they have made peace with everything, at the moment he will just have to accept that’s how things will be like.

But knowing Lasizwe he doesn’t care what people say about him, he will ignore them until they get over it.