Uyajola99: Twitter followers give JubJub a new name

Twitter followers give JubJub a new name

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Uyajola 99 has become one of the most show that has been watched every Sunday evening by millions of South Africans where they take their opinions to social media platforms to express their concerns, and this has given Jub Jub enough time to communicate with his fans every day.

Today they have given Jub Jub the name of Mashmelon which relates to the scenes that are happening to his show.

He catches people who are cheating on their partners and this has made him be the number one spy in the country because of the things that he is doing to the show.
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Many people see him as the biggest threat on the show because they don’t trust him whenever they see him.

Some know that they must stay ready because they might hear him knocking at them with his cameras to expose them.

This has been one of the things that most people are waiting to see so that the bad guys must be exposed.


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