Twitter made Dineo Ranaka and Sithelo vulnerable to ridicule

Twitter made Dineo Ranaka and Sithelo vulnerable to ridicule

Dineo Ranaka is a South African radio personality, television presenter, actress, DJ and TV producer, on the other hand, Sithelo Shozi is just an influencer and night club DJ.

However despite being a successful social media personality, Dineo Ranaka is still compared to the likes of Sithelo Shozi because of her dating Life. Dineo Ranaka is just 38 years old and she has had 3 babies with 3 different men, which is kinda same with Sithelo who has had 3 children with 2 different men, and one of them is Andile Mpisane.

However it appears that the twitter president couldn’t sleep last night and decided to wake up to roast both Sithelo and Dineo ranaka because of their baby making spree.

The twitter president went to say that he couldn’t sleep because he was worried about the nerve that Sithelo and Dineo had to make 3 babies with 3 different men. He also went on to tweet that his main problem is that the number of babies they had with different fathers can now fully fill an Avanza.

“Me at 3 am.. 🧠”So if Sithelo and Dineo Ranaka can combine the kids they got from different men they can Fill a Toyota avanza and make an Overload’” says the president.

Now, this led to South Africans laughing at them non stop. South Africans went to share memes laughing at them. Others went to share memes of dozens of children entering a police van and went to say that those are Dineo’s and Sithelo’s babies combined.

Others went to laugh at them and compared them with this other lady who lied to people and said she has 7 side hustles. They went to relate her to Sithelo and Dineo ranaka by saying that their baby daddies are their side hustles , especially who’s been rumoured to be receiving funds from Mamkhize and she’s getting BBL’s and new teeths.

See how people reacted to this tweet below:

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