Twitter made Dj Maphorisa a laughingstock for this reason

Twitter made Dj Maphorisa a laughingstock for this reason


Themba Sekowe, known professionally as DJ Maphorisa, is a South African record producer, DJ, and vocalist. He’s also known as Madumane or Lawd Powry if he is pulling the strings behind the mic. Despite being a DJ, Powry has a life and it appears that the social media detectives have been monitoring his moves lately.

Not so long ago The black Twitter president revealed that Dj Maphorisa might be in a relationship with the most beautiful dj of them all Thuli Phongolo. Despite Thuli trying to dispute the allegations, the Twitter detectives provided concrete proof to keep her shut.

However things went from bad to worse for both Thuli and Powry as Mr Jazziq posted a picture on Tuesday, which was taken a week ago that caused a stir on social media. People went on to accuse Thuli of being a player and then the black Twitter president arrived with a bombshell.

Thuli was being trolled for jumping from one relationship to the other but we thought it was all over on Monday until people started trolling DJ Maphorisa. Now there’s a trending tweet in which people are making jokes out of Maphorisa.

As I said before that Thuli was alleged to be dating Maphorisa now she’s been seen hanging out with Jazziq so people are making jokes of Jazziq and Maphorisa saying that Mr Jazziq is taking everything from Maphorisa. This comes after People found an Old picture of Kabza de small and Mr Jazziq hanging out together.
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Yesterday DJ Maphorisa posted a picture captioned “Some boys are lacking respect but I will deal with them slowly”. That’s when people went crazy and started accusing Mr Jazziq of stealing Kabza away from him in the comment section. It seems like Powry has become everyone’s laughing stock since Monday, but he hasn’t made any comments yet on his situation with Thuli.

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See how people reacted to this tweet below :


I think that Thuli is indeed in love with Mr Jazziq and I also believe that her relationship with DJ Maphorisa is over. However she could be playing with fire because the two might be playing and she will get hurt in the process. However she makes a great couple with Jazziq though