Twitter: Mpho and Themba are always beautiful

Twitter: Mpho and Themba are always beautiful

Mpho and Themba are former Big Brother Mzansi season 3 contestants who were undoubtedly one of the most loved contestants, as they were even in the top 3 of the show. Mpho even went all the way to winning the show. After the show however, Mpho and Themba were very close together as they ended up being in a relationship.

A number of people were also saying that they love seeing both of them together, as some were also hoping that they could get married. However, Zen Magazine posted on their social media page that Themba and Mpho are always looking stylish. This sparked a number of people as a number of them were agreeing with what was said about Themba and Mpho by Zen Magazine.

Some people on social were also saying that Themba and Mpho make a really beautiful couple. Surely Themba and Mpho will be very pleased with the response and love that they are getting from people concerning their relationship.

Here are some of the comments that people on social media made after seeing what Zen Magazine had to say about Themba and Mpho.

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