Twitter sends a warning to Rasta: Do not draw Ricky Rick


Twitter sends a warning to Rasta: Do not draw Ricky Rick

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If there’s one man I’m Mzansi who seems to know how to market his business out of some people’s bad times one can say that the well-known paint artist Mr. Libani Sirenje (Rasta) is the perfect guy for that, I mean for years whenever somebody who is prominently passed on Rasta has forever been the first one who comes and honors them by a means of some paint arts posting them on social media attracting more people to check out his work and one can say now that he is by far the well-known paint artist in mzansi.

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Well, be that as it may, It is not all of his work that has been appreciated some of his artworks have caused controversy online and had people suggesting that he should stop doing some art works but he kept on doing them anyway. So now that people have noticed a trend that whenever somebody dies he tries to get the country’s attention by his drawing which some think they ugly people has gone on a mini spree on Twitter warning him not to even think of drawing Ricky Rick who passed on yesterday (check the screenshots attached below out)

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Looking at all this am pretty sure you can see that nobody seems to be looking forward to seeing Ricky Rick’s paint art from rasta however this is not happening for the first time. People did this when Shona Ferguson died and Rasta did the painted art anyways. A certain celebrity once told him not to draw her when she dies he quickly ran to draw her saying I decided to do it while you were still alive remember that?

Well here we are again, Do you think he will do it or not? Do you as an individual want him to do it or not?

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