Twitter talks about the effect of money on Makhadzi

Twitter talks about the effect of money on Makhadzi

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When Makhadzi rose to fame a few years ago, pictures of her early days began to circulate on social media. One can easily see how much she has transformed. It is the power of what money can do. From a dark complexion, Makhadzi had metamorphosized into a fair complexion and elegant lady. A South African lady and social media user after seeing the pictures wrote, “Be patient with yourself”. Another person wrote, “give it your time, give it time, it shall come to pass”. This person is talking about giving one’s talent some time to mature. This is precisely what Makhadzi did. It was a rough start, but she gave it her time and she gave it time. Now, she is reaping outstanding results. It’s never easy, but stopping is not an option in this journey to glory, stardom, and fame.


Rather than criticize her for bleaching her skin, people are praising her for rising from the dust into stardom. A social media influencer wrote, “I’m proud of Makhadzi, and she remains humble even after the fame”. Another person wrote that, “Women would look beautiful like this if they were using their own money, but some will never experience that glow because they are busy “A man must” campaign”. Several people say that they have taken inspiration from her, saying that even after making it to worldwide fame, she is still humble and true to herself.


Another person observed that Makhadzi is a rare gem both in character, behaviour and in talent, disclosing that anyone who comes across her can only attest to her simplicity and charisma. Someone added, “It’s a bit scary to think how we view colour, even among the black community. She’s viewed as beautiful now because she has a lighter skin colour”.

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