Twitter: Why does Norma Gigaba spill the beans on Malusi now

Twitter: Why does Norma Gigaba spill the beans on Malusi now

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Should Norma Mngoma have spoken out, and if so, why only now?

This is the most important question on social media after an explosive interview done by Norma Mngoma, the estranged wife of former minister Malusi Gigaba.

In an exclusive interview with eNCA on Thursday, Mngoma alleged that Gigaba visited the corruption-accused Gupta family at their compound in Saxonwold and received money from the controversial family.

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She also claimed that Gigaba may be a “p0rn addict” and said this and his wandering eye were a number of the explanations why their marriage ended.

Before the interview, Gigaba pre-emptively tweeted that he wouldn’t be commenting on any a part of the interview.

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In August, one among Gigaba’s bodyguards told the state capture commission that the previous minister received cash from the Guptas, which he allegedly wont to fund his lifestyle.

Social media was a multitude over Mngoma’s comments, with some applauding her for speaking out et al. questioning why she was only doing so now.

A few said she revealed an excessive amount of about their marriage and warned that it could “affect their children”.

Here are a number of the reactions: