Viewers Can’t Believe That Umndeni Dabula wears a panty

Viewers Can’t Believe That Umndeni Dabula wears a panty

Our favorite family is back on TV and luckily for us, they are still as entertaining as they were in the previous seasons and this is what will most likely get people to tune in every Saturday.
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Viewers Can’t Believe That
There are a number of things that we got to know about in this first episode and it is interesting that there has been so much change.

But then, there are things that did not change, which is what the viewers wanted, even if there has been a change, the viewers should not feel like they are introduced to new people.

Now, Dabula is the same Dabula that we all know, he is still not afraid to say it as it is on national TV, that is what he has done since the first season.


Tonight, he talked about his panty that he lost and it turns out that this is something that has been happening a lot and he suspects that there is someone who might be using his panties to bewitch him.

But the thing about this whole thing is that there are people who are shocked that Dabula wears a panty.

It may seem like people forget that this is Dabula that we are talking about here, for him to just talk casually about wearing a panty should tell you something, he probably has always worn panties.


This panty thing is quite serious to Dabula and he once went to a Sangoma for it and there are viewers who probably remember that particular episode.

So, if he has to set the record straight, then it might as well be now, this means that he has to find out who keeps on stealing his panties on the washing line.

He will probably keep raising this till he finds the culprit and it may seem that this will be one of his missions this season. As for the reactions on social media, the response from the people was expected, the show was trending hours before it even started.

There were even suggestions that the show should play for an hour, and this is something that a lot of viewers probably want. Unfortunately, we are still going to wait the whole week for another episode, some viewers have already mentioned that they cannot wait.

Maybe, we will get to know more about the panty matter because it seems like Dabula is going to keep dragging this till he finds out who stole the panties.

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