Umndeni: Mamkhulu and Dabula go for a cleansing ritual after Nkanyezi’s curse.


Umndeni: Mamkhulu and Dabula go for a cleansing ritual after Nkanyezi’s curse.


What happened Maseko, Mamkhulu, and Dabula are set to go for a cleansing ritual after Nkanyezi’s curse the other day. Maseko is prepared to be cleaned by his Gobela Gogo KoKi. Finally, the whole world and South Africa got to see how of Fake Sangoma Maseko is he doesn’t even know the rules of initiation school. Mzansi has accused Maseko of wanting fame.

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Respect Nkanyezi, she is the strongest person that even Maseko is scared of her. If there’s a person who sees everything it’s her. She did wonderful job by throwing feaces at them. Maseko had to cleanse and also visit his Gobela’s place which he hasn’t set foot in. Maseko is gay he cheats with more men than women. He must live his truth. His body structure though. His life is not completely

Gogo Koki was so excited that she will cleans Maseko and his wife? Andwhy that she is Maseko kobela. Many #Umndeni fans don’t trust this Mam Koki, why is she so excited about cleansing Maseko, saying she’s been wanting him next to her? Now she’s gonna do her things in Maseko’s household. I forsee danger. Mamkhulu is also happy that Koki will be. Maseko busy saying my wives my wives while he never married any of them. He only kokota at that Mahlantabeni’s house. Koki is also dishonest busy saying your wives when she knows the truth.

I’m no sangoma nor do i know anything abt it but le yabo maseko is no longer it. It’s too much of an act. No sangomas with a true calling should truly be embarrassed. Maseko’s trainer has the same complaints Kolobe had about Maseko’s behavior as a traditional healer. Maseko lack respect and no one can ridicule such a beautiful thing which is helping people.

One thing about Sangomas is that u’ll never know da real one, they all have different rules, different way of doing things, apparently many do it for money, n its lot of work dey do, they kneel for different occasions instead of just doing it, its rough.

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