Unathi makes Umlando Challenge and fans say it’s an old dance

Unathi makes Umlando Challenge and fans say it’s an old dance


Unathi Nkayi is a South African Born November 6, 1978, in Grahamstown, Eastern Cape, South Africa, Unathi Nkayi is 43 years old. The famous singer and radio personality

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had get high school at Victoria Girls’ school in Grahamstown where she was raised. After her secondary education, Unathi travelled to the Netherlands, where she studied International Media Studies at the University of Utrecht.

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Later, she returned to South Africa and enrolled at Rhodes University where she graduated with a Masters degree in journalism. She is notable for being a judge at South African talent show. Unathi was raised by both her parents in Grahamstown.

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Umlando challenge is the dance challenge that went viral earlier this year when its originator, Toss, shared a short video of himself dancing to the song Umlando, which shot him to fame. In the video, Toss, whose real name is Pholoso Masombuka, vigorously shakes his waist against a wall, on a balcony, while pushing a dustbin and on a flight of stairs.

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Its Creating a buzz on social media the Orlando challenge has men and women dancing on the catcy on Amapiano beat just about anywhere. In fact they crazy at the location the better reviews. The way this dance went viral even people like Ciara took on the challenge and a lot more celebrities even the well known former Idols judge Unathi Nkayi.

Musa Khawula took to his social media account and shared a video of Unathi Nkayi doing the umlando dance at the groove.

When it comes to people like Unathi people on social media they would do anything to drag her especially the fact that she is a celebrity people on social media they would take any opportunity to make sure they drag her.

But it was a surprise to see people going crazy after seeing Unathi doing the umlondo dance. A lot of people were impressed by how she did the challenge provided that she is 43 years old, I mean people who are younger than her can’t do this challenge. People were not only impressed by how she did the challenge but they were impressed by her body.

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Though some people tried to drag her saying she is old to be doing this things in public. Some people defended her saying sometimes it’s not about how old you are, just as long as she is having fun what other people think it doesn’t matter.

It’s a good thing to see that there are people who stand up for our celebrities when people try to drag them. There’s a video below for you to watch, and see how she did her Umlando challenge.

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