Unathi Nkayi is not only saddened by the incident

Unathi Nkayi is not only saddened by the incident
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Since the passing of a grade 10 learner young Lufuno Mavhunga, people have been encouraged to also call out bullying saying it is unacceptable. The 15-year-olds passing caused an uproar on social media and celebrities are calling for justice.

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Unathi Nkayi is not only saddened by the incident, but she got encouraged to take matters into her own hands, and expose bullies. As prominent people, they are not immune to bullying and it happens almost every day on social media.

The bully by the name of Andile Simelane got what he asked for when he made fun of Unathi’s looks. He posted a before and after picture of her saying money made her more attractive.

“I would like to introduce you to @andilerh_simelane MY CYBER BULLY for TODAY. Tomorrow it may be someone else BUT today he woke up and decided he’s going to HUMILIATE me. I thought I’d give him what he wants ATTENTION,” she wrote.

Unathi explained that she was feeling very sick the day the ugly picture was taken but a journalist wanted to take a picture of her anyway. “I was actually very sick here and the journalist forced me for a picture. But be the a**hole that you want us to know you as,” she said.

Since getting exposed, the aspiring media personality dedicated his IG to her by changing his profile picture to the Idols SA judge and posted a series of IG stories apologising.

He described himself as a young person who should know better. He is just trying to make it in the industry and he did not mean to step on her toes. Andile said he meant no harm and was just making a joke.

“I am really sorry Unathi, I did not mean it, I was just joking…I am way too young to go against you, I am sorry ma…I am still a young kid trying to find his way into the media industry. I didn’t want to get attention through you. I hope you find a place in your heart to forgive me,” he said in a series of stories.


Unathi is currently fetching her body and attempting to get back in shape. She decided to not give her haters the satisfaction of not being consistent in her weight loss journey.

Yesterday she posted, “Walking into the gym after a month and everyone… older, younger, staff, etc says ‘Unathi you’re so scarce. Phela we miss you when you’re not here coz you’re a vibe.’ and that time I wanna say ‘Ts*k’ BUT have to acknowledge how inconsistent I have been and that the only thing that got me out of bed was hearing myself say ‘Heyi ungabavuyisi’ It’s okay to not have it all together JUST honour yourself and how you’re feeling,” she said.