Finally Uncle Vinny talks about Riky Rick’s sudden suicide


Finally, Uncle Vinny talks about Riky Rick’s sudden suicide

My celebrities have come out and opened up after the passing of the award-winning rapper Riky Rick. The rapper passed away according to reports after he allegedly committed suicide at his home.
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Now it is alleged that Uncle Vinny has officially broken his silence too, and this comes after the death of the award-winning rapper passing. He is heartbroken due to the passing because Ricky Rick was his mentor.

According to my opinion regarding this matter, most men tend to bottle up their frustrations and never talk about them and this leads to situations like this. The rapper passed away a few days ago, but uncle broke his silence just yesterday, meaning all the time he bottled up about how he feels about the passing of the Riky Rick.
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Uncle Vinny has finally broken his silence and paid tribute to his mentor who took him under his wings. Uncle Vinny who is better known for his dance moves decided to take to his Instagram page to share a picture of himself with Riky Rick and pay his last respect to him.

This is the picture that Uncle Vinny shared on his Instagram page.

In the picture that Uncle Vinny shared with his mentor Riky Rick, it seems like they are on stage together and Ricky Ricky was busy singing and when was listening intently.

Uncle Vinny had a small caption for the picture, nothing big and nothing fancy and this is what the caption says, “Only God knows.”

The two Media personalities were very close and in fact, if I’ve already mentioned that Ricky Rick was the mentor to Uncle Vinny he is the one who gave uncle Vinny the exposure he has currently in the Entertainment business.

The music industry has indeed lost a legend-in-the-making in Riky Rick. If you know him, you will know that he has taken many artists under his wings and they are doing great as we speak.

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