Uthando Nesthembu: Musa Mseleku reacts to Sne’s 3rd pregnancy

Uthando Nesthembu: Musa Mseleku reacts to Sne’s 3rd pregnancy

Uthando Nesthembu (Season 6, Episode 5), MaCele defied Sne about her pregnancy tales and it just so happens, the reports were to be sure evident that Sne is pregnant with her third youngster.

This week, MaCele let Sne know that she planned to illuminate her better half Musa Mseleku about the pregnancy. Sne could have done without this since she was anxious about the possibility that that she could get thrown out by Musa Mseleku assuming he knew. MaCele felt free to enlighten.

“What is this that I hear from your mom”, Musa addressed Sne.

From the beginning, Musa would have rather not accepted that Sne is pregnant, however, later on, he understood that the facts confirm that she is pregnant. He asked MaCele where is Sne going to remain now that she is pregnant once more and Sne was getting terrified since Musa Mseleku defied her about the pregnancy.

In her journal meeting, Sne uncovered that she is frightened of her dad and she is likewise terrified that she could get removed from the house now that she is pregnant once more.

“I have an inclination that he could kick me out…It’s difficult for me to clarify for my dad what occurred, so I can’t tell him”, said Sne.

In Musa Mseleku’s journal meeting, he referenced that he accepted Sne is supporting her new sweetheart with the cash that he gives her since she generally says that she doesn’t have cash, and doesn’t deal with her kids and herself. She is in the middle of dealing with her sweetheart with his cash.

“Sne takes the cash I provide for her as my daughter…As a family, we convey this and we realize that we were crazy in dealing with the matter”, said Musa.

Musa Mseleku likewise said that on the grounds that Sne is doing this, he will as of now not be giving her cash since he isn’t compelled to deal with Sne and her youngsters. He chose not to be engaged with Sne’s pregnancy issues since, supposing that they include him, it implies that Sne will take off from the Mseleku house.

“You’ll both perceive how to deal with it, don’t include me”, said Musa.

As I would like to think, I would expect that Musa has proactively alluded to throwing Sne out despite the fact that he has not said it straightforwardly. He said that he will quit dealing with Sne monetarily in light of the fact that he accepted that she is taking the cash and supporting her new sweetheart.

Musa likewise said that he would rather not be engaged in Sne’s pregnancy since in such a case that they included him he will throw Sne out. Do you concur with this? Talk with us in the remarks and let us in on your thought process.

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