UthandoNesthembu: MaNgwabe and Musa Set To Hate Each Other’s

UthandoNesthembu: MaNgwabe and Musa Set To Hate Each Other’s

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“Yes I’m the last one, but we spoke and he knows what we spoke about.”

Is MaNgwabe wrong to hold on to the promise that Mseleku made her, that he would no longer take anymore wives after her? Nooo she’s not, the crisis they have is that Musa has also made it clear that he wants 20 children and counting each one of them should have atleast 4/5. While MaNgwabe has only 2 children. It’s pity that he promised MaNgwabe to marry her. And she cannot move this past.

I don’t understand Musa’s wives #Uthandonesthembu Its like they blinked and found themselves kwaMseleku in Isithembu especially MaNgwabe, the last wife. She caused conflict going into that marriage now she wants a divorce because the same thing is being done to her. MaNgwabe has no idea that indoda will promise you heaven and earth when they are in love. He told her exactly what she wanted to hear at that point..that she was his last, his everything.

We can argue all day when it comes to woman that people are not furniture that man can keep forever. Now life happens like miscarriages and even death so what must happen if life doesnt go as you planned? Remember she has already had 3 miscarriages. Maybe Musa should have started at age 18 to make kids. It’s really unfortunate that MaNgwabe have miscarriages it’s out of her control. But this is not a normal marriage it’s Isthembu and they all knew from the word go. That is a point they knew from the word go what they were getting themselves into.
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For the first time MaCele said something damnright, Mesleku can’t use Thobile as an excuse for the 5th wife. Mesleku’s wives will leave him while they are laughing because he doesn’t consider their feelings. He is very selfish. I like the fact that Mseleku put it on record that those who want to leave will meet another people who are better than him. Why should you continue with someone who feels they can do better without you, let them go.

I hope with Musa and MaNgwabe are in the midst of a divorce as we speak because there is absolutely nothing but hatred left between them.