UthandoNesthembu: Musa’s wives are all happy without him

UthandoNesthembu: Musa’s wives are all happy without him

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Tonight’s episode of UthandoNesthembu was absolutely wonderful and very much enjoyable. Although the show commenced with last week’s continuation where the wives were trying to settle their issues. However it seemed there was mutual agreement amongst the wives. The characters of these women are a marvel to watch. They are all totally different from each other however they are all needed. Musa chose well. MaCele with the golden heart she’s so motherly.

MaYeni the blunt one she says things the way they are and will not sugarcoat them. However MaYeni is very playful but has built a wall that doesn’t allow her to be relaxed amongst her sister wives, she’s always conscious of her surroundings. However, she’s a sweetheart if you get to know her. However, the conflict in this family is between MaYeni and MaKhumalo. They are the exact opposite of each other and none is willing to compromise for the other. However Thobile is just a good woman, she has an amazing heart. Probably unity should start with these two wives they need to apologize to one another and breathe.

MaNgwabe is the queen, she pleases no one but very politely. She doesn’t mince her words but in a very mature way. If anything MaNgwabe is the allrounder and has the potential to create peace between MaYeni and Thobile if they’re willing.

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The ladies had a pyjama party organized by the ever-classy MaKhumalo, it was pink glitter and champagne popping. You could tell MaKhumalo organized it, the woman is in the know. It was lovely seeing them all laugh together and dance. MaYeni killed her dance moves and they all enjoyed their time together. The woman showed unity without their husband’s presence, which tells you it is possible.

MaNgwabe said something very important and they should all take into consideration. The person preaching unity is the one destroying it. MaNgwabe’s intelligence should be uploaded. Family is important and seeing this wife happy together in one room was really heartwarming. Well done ladies.