Uyajola 9/9 host jub jub says he is never going to Eastern Cape to look for love

Uyajola 9/9 host jub jub says he is never going to Eastern Cape to look for love

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Uyajola 9/9 host jub jub has thrown a big bombshell at the Xhosa tribe, he said never go to Eastern Cape to look for love, you will regret it with a heavy heart as people from that side have no morals when it comes to love.

For the last three weeks, the show has been there and the secrets they exposed were shocking, mostly were surprising because they all live in the same house with the man that is doing wrong.

The host of the show is killing it because he’s not afraid to ask the hard questions or get in the middle of conflict and make it hard to ridicule and laugh at. The Xhosa ladies were the first to date Nigerians in the neighborhoods, they were the ones who know how to get to the money even when it is complicated they make it work. It is truly never going to the Eastern Cape looking for love, or you will be heartbroken quicker than you can think.

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That was one of the biggest bombshells to ever be thrown by the host, but it is true because there are no lies to that statement. The show is known as trash but it pays the bills for Multichoice so they will keep it going for the next 20 years if they have to, but they have to pay US shows for the rights of copying their style of broadcasting the idea is not original it comes from the US cheaters which were never used to show the face as everything was blurred.

Uyajola 9/9 is one of the popular and funny shows in South Africa which South Africans citizens love watching it. What Jub Jub is doing is a good job because he helps partners to reveal their true colors. I don’t see any problem with him exposing their secrets to their partners. A lot of people go to him and seek help to find out whether their partners are cheating on them or what. He’s preventing a lot of people from cheating because if they, they will be caught. He improves trust in relationships.

Jub jub helped a lot of people who were being cheated by their partners and were exposed. He should continue doing his work and keep on catching unfaithful people.