Uyajola 99 helps disgruntled lovers, who suspect their partners of cheating

Uyajola 99 helps disgruntled lovers, who suspect their partners of cheating

Attention all cheaters! Avoid going to the mall with your other lover because the Uyajola 99 crew is on the prowl and you could be their next victim!
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Another week, another cheater pleading for forgiveness after being caught red-handed. It is said that if they cheat once, they will cheat again, which this week’s episode just serves to reinforce.

We know by now that when Jub Jub takes a trip to Eastern Cape we are guaranteed drama, and episode 5 of Uyajola 99 S7 is delivered accordingly.

He is cheating on me

A woman by the name of Joy Mkwayi from East London wrote to Uyajola 99 as she suspects her boyfriend, Anathi, is cheating on her. Joy has all the reasons to believe that her man is cheating because this isn’t the first time it’s happened.

She tells Jub Jub she’s been with her boyfriend for six years, but lately, his actions have been suspicious. He answers calls at night and when asked about them he says it’s just friends. When they are sleeping, he wakes up and uses her phone to log on to Facebook, and when he gets caught, he pretends he was playing a game.

Caught red-handed

The Uyajola 99 crew managed to track down Anathi strolling through the mall with his other lover. Anathi immediately runs away the moment he sees the cameras and Jub Jub.

Unfortunately, he could not run fast enough – yep, they caught him before he could go any further. Enraged with anger and disappointment, Joy keeps asking her boyfriend what he’s doing in town.

He made a fool out of her

Jub Jub asks the side chick why she was fighting, and she expressed her pain: “Anathi made me a fool. He asked me to come to the mall, whereas he knew he’d do this to me. He said he was taking me out to the mall but he would do this nonsense to me.”

Another says this was all a mistake, he was just using this girl to take out the stress, so basically she is a stress reliever. To make matters even worse, Jub Jub asked Anathi to choose between the two ladies and he didn’t hesitate to choose Joy.

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When he was asked what about his side chick he said, “Tell her to go … I didn’t know you would find out. I don’t want you. You’re causing a fight between me and my woman.”

The side chick, annoyed and feeling humiliated, asked for taxi fare from Anathi, but he told her he doesn’t have the money. Many viewers on Twitter weighed in on this embarrassing moment:

The episode ends with Joy telling Jub Jub that she’s not sure if she can forgive Anathi and that they will talk about it at home.

If you are wondering what the fuss is about with Joy, watch Uyajola 99 S7 episode 5 on DStv online.