Uyajola 9/9: Jubjub attacked again: Poor people’s privacy is compromised

Uyajola 9/9: Jubjub attacked again: Poor people’s privacy is compromised

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Uyajola 9/9 presenter has found himself on hot water last Sunday’s episode, viewers were left not impressed at all with what Jub Jub and his crew did. Jub jub has been the viewer’s favorite presenter, but his previous episode left him being public enemy number one. No matter how much the show always keeps us entertained viewers will always separate right from wrong and what Jub jub did with his crew is totally wrong. Fans want actions to be taken against him because everyone has the right to privacy no matter what they did, even though the presenter was only doing his job by catching a cheater red-handed people felt that he took things too far this time and he violated the poor woman’s privacy.

Viewers were so disturbed by what they saw on #Uyajola99. Jub Jub putting on camera an undressed lady and pokes fun at her. The price of not knowing your rights more especially as we close women’s month. That’s what I was saying. Literally barging into someone’s house and abusing them. Even worse that Jub Jub speaks down on the people he finds cheating. They don’t owe him anything, people were really left annoyed. Some even said that they just think legally those guys are in murky waters, I’m just wondering how they’re getting away with it, starting to think it’s staged honestly.

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“You’ve missed the point. The humiliation that Jub insists on putting the “perpetrators” through isn’t necessary. He can investigate and expose the cheating without intentionally embarrassing others. It’s done in bad taste and has a level of disrespect and undermining associated,” said one of the viewers.

People want something done about what happened on the episode as they say #Uyajola99 Sunday the 29th show was disgusting. This can’t go unpunished. The attention is on the polony and other things. Everyone is overlooking the violation of human dignity and the criminal act of harassment. That show has violated many people’s basic rights but nobody takes it up with the courts, there’s a list of things I could mention