Uyajola99: a lady left viewers speechless after mercilessly dealing with her husband’s side chick.

In the latest #Uyajola99 episode, a lady left viewers speechless after mercilessly dealing with her husband’s side chick.

Hashtag #Uyajola99 Twitter page and current episode of Dstv MojaLoveTv channel 157

Mr. X was presenting another edition of #Uyajola99, this time exposing cheats. A man and his wife have been married for 14 years and have three children. A woman wrote to Uyajola99 because she is tired and wants to go. She contacted Uyajola99 in order to catch her unfaithful spouse red-handed.

Lungile wishes to establish her husband’s adultery. Mzansi were pleased to hear how this woman interacted with the sidekick.

Lungile cheated her spouse out of having a kid in 2018, and he also went and paid lobola while they were still married. The woman claims that her husband does not support her children. Even when he paid lobola for another lady, she stayed with him.

She also mentioned to his sidekick that he is expecting a kid in 2020 and that he is keeping the truth from her. The woman discovered a birth certificate with his name inscribed on it on his cell phone. Before meeting the Lungile, the father also had two children outside. The sidekick is married to a man who does not support his children and is a serial cheater.

This sister is far too forgiving. Her maturity is unparalleled, and the man is demonstrating how much he does not deserve her. She is a married woman who is dealing with her cheating husband as if she were a queen. There is no cursing or fighting in this episode.

The man is fortunate to have a mature wife who does not fight with other women. In my opinion, the man is in his late adolescent stage after 14 years of marriage.

In this episode, we learn that a marriage ring does not prevent cheating; rather, respect for your marriage is found in your heart. A ring is meaningless; most people cheat better when they wear rings.

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