Uyajola99:The latest cheater was caught whilst inside a taxi!

Uyajola99: The latest cheater was caught whilst inside a taxi!

On today’s episode of Uyajola99, we met Namhla and I needn’t elaborate on why she was on the show. By now we all know that Jubjub’s presence means someone is cheating and they are being caught live in 4k. Namhla had invested 7 years into this relationship with an unemployed man she was clearly taking care of. But her story is a lesson on why this shouldn’t be happening.
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First Job Jub warned us cryptically about how you, “find a partner from someone else” and this episode proved that. The latest cheater was caught whilst inside a taxi! I don’t mean an uber either, I mean a run-of-the-mill taxi, a Quantum if you will. A determined Jub Jub opened the door and asked the driver for those he came for and did he not get what he wanted? The man came out, trying to run away from his scandal.

It was easy enough to find him but it wasn’t way to watch him stand there nonchalantly as two women fighting over him. I didn’t get the allure. He wasn’t handsome, according to Namhla he had recently found a piece job AND most importantly, be urged them to fight each other! It was diabolical to watch his joyfulness at the mere idea.

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But what made it worse? His new 6 months girlfriend who accused Namhla of abuse and then proceeded to push this man around. It was jarring. One second he wants to fix things with his girlfriend and the next he’s being dragged off. I was confused. He was hesitating; like he was doing a sum in his head before finally going off with his new girl.

There’s a lesson here for all women. Investing your time in a relationship that’s going nowhere for 7 years should be a no-no. You’re too valuable to be heartsick over useless men! I found Jub jub to be less annoying this week overall. But from how it all went down, I have to say that dating in the Eastern Cape seems like an extreme sport. None of the participants play fair either!