Uzalo actor Khaya Dladla has allegedly been snubbed by Uzalo again.

Uzalo actor Khaya Dladla has allegedly been snubbed by Uzalo again.

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When the character of GC, played by actor Khaya Dladla, came back to Uzalo viewers had different reactions.

While some were happy, others were not satisfied with his storyline.

Well, Khaya has allegedly been snubbed by Uzalo again.

In 2019, the soapie snubbed and told him he’d be called back when he was needed.

And so it seems he’s been told the same thing again.

Uzalo brought back old characters in March to attract back viewers after SABC instructed the production to change its storyline.

Khaya’s role was among those brought back. Although some were to appear for a short time, he was allegedly going to grace the production for an entire season.

Sources said when he appeared, the majority of viewers were annoyed by his storyline.

“Viewers were complaining on social media that his storyline was boring,” said the source.

“They even asked why he was brought back. Producers then had to go back to the drawing board.”

Another source said although the writers and producers had snubbed Khaya’s character, that could change on Monday during the writing workshop.

“Writers and producers will meet on Monday for the storyline writing workshop,” said the source.

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“Maybe things will change during the workshop. We don’t know, but GC adds spice to Uzalo. We hope that producers bring him back.”

Khaya didn’t give much details when contacted by Daily Sun, except to say Uzalo would decide his future.

Spokeswoman Nomfundo Zondi said she was still waiting for an official comment.