Uzalo actor Wiseman Mncube builds his new house


Uzalo actor Wiseman Mncube builds his new house

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He is a young hardworking man who has been in the entertainment industry for quite some time now. He has accomplished so much in his career ever since he made a debut into the industry as an actor. He is popularly known for his role as Sibonelo on Uzalo and his real name is Wiseman Mncube.
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He has two brothers who are also in the same industry as him but in total he has 4 brothers. The star recently took to social media to to show off a beautiful house which he is busy building for himself as he mentioned in his post that: “When I was still studying my dad always reminded me that the house I’m staying in it’s his house, they will come a time where he will say “man, you have over stayed your time in my house”.

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And as far as I’m staying in his house I will always be called Wiseman not Mncube”. The star inspired a lot people with his new accomplishment as he makes his father proud. A lot of people went through the comments section to congratulate him on the wonderful work he is doing, despite him not being done with his project.

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