UZALO: Magwaza’s need to put their faith in Nomaswazi’s ideas

UZALO: Magwaza need to put their faith in Nomaswazi’s ideas



Hleziphi’s fears reach a fever pitch in early August, driving her to resign from the job that Nonka gave her at the business.

Although Hleziphi is a person of questionable morals, she feels like being involved with drugs really sends people to a place of no return, and she fears not only for her own life, but for her younger brother’s life as well.

After her failed relationship with Kwanda, Hleziphi dropped of the radar for a while.

As she always does after some scandal. But since returning to KwaMashu she wants to put her life back together and live right, believe it or not!

Being associated with drugs poses a huge threat to this goal, and she wants no part in it. She also tries to warn Nonka, but Nonka seems oblivious, so Hleziphi then is determined to get herself out of trouble.


Hleziphi feels the walls closing in on her. At this point she’s been getting louder and louder that she’s getting suspicious.

Kwanda, on the other hand, is on high alert because of what he’s doing and he gets a sense that Hleziphi is onto something. Out of that, threats get thrown and Hleziphi realises that the closer she is to this situation, the more her life and her family are in serious danger.

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