Uzalo: Sbu and Njeza realize they are in trouble

Uzalo: Sbu and Njeza realize they are in trouble


Sbu and Njeza find out it’s time to pay back for their freedom, remember Njeza and Sbu were trying to escape from prison and they failed, when they was thinking that it was over about them, they were shocked when they get out of prison on parole, Njeza was worried about the person who Helped them, but he was not getting answers.
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Sbu was very happy that eventually his dream came true because he was always wanting to ascape, now they just got a massage from the person who help them to escape, it is clear that person might go to make them pay for what he/she did to them.

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Sbu is very shocked as he got a massage and he does not want to go and meet that person, and Njeza is ready to face everything even though he does not know what will happen.

The only thing that makes Sbu and Njeza to worry that much is because they never see that person and they don’t know what he/she wants from them.

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