Uzalo viewers: Nonka’s stabbing scene was full of mistakes

Uzalo viewers: Nonka’s stabbing scene was full of mistakes

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Although not all people might agree that Uzalo is not really an educative soapie, it has proven many times to be. Starting from teaching us the dangers of crime, the effects of Gender-based violence, and lastly the dangers of loan sharks.
In a recent episode, it turned out that Madongwe has lent money from a loan shark and failed to pay it back. As normal, the loan shark and her bodyguards came to collect. And it is known that if you don’t pay, they take your belongings. However, the interaction ended up with Nonka getting stabbed.

However, fans have called out the soapie for failing to direct Nonka’s scene. Since she was stabbed and unconscious, she was not expected to do what she did. Apparently, she was wrapping her arm around Sibonelo for balance. “How is that possible whilst she is unconscious?”, A fan commented.

Acting is all about convincing audiences that whatever is happening is real. Actors shouldn’t make it obvious that they are in front of cameras. Whatever they are doing should be related to real life, for instance, if someone has died or collapsed, he/she shouldn’t show signs of a living person. Viewers should be convinced that the person has really died.


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Uzalo is that one soapie with lot of complaints from viewers yet has a large number of viewers and that keeps lot of people wondering why? Is it because it plays during the time where by everyone is at home and resting? Or is it because the majority of people don’t have access to other channels like DSTV’s? Well, perhaps.

The Uzalo official social media page recently shared a some scene’s pictures where Nonka, played by Thuthuka Mthembu got stabbed and carried by Sbonelo played by Wiseman Mncube. The caption of the post reads: “It ended in a bloody attack, is it the End of Nonka?”

Viewers were left emotionally shocked by the scene, yet there were however those who noticed something in Nonka’s unconsciousness acting. She doesn’t look unconscious, it seems obviously that she is acting. She is unconscious but her hand has tightly held Sbonelo’s shoulder, and also her feet are crossed, which shows that she was trying to balance. An unconscious person wouldn’t do such.

The comments from viewers were like:

“Unconscious but holding his ex shoulders”

“The way she’s holding Sbonelo’s shoulder reminds us that it’s acting”

“Why can’t be just the end of Uzalo?”

“Nonka is afraid of falling, she’s even balancing her feet”

“The arm says it all, Mxm! Bioskop”

“Nonka AKA Hector Peterson”.

Anyway check out some of the comments below: