Uzalo’s followers praise Nompilo Maphumulo’s acting talent in Yesterday episode


Uzalo’s followers praise Nompilo Maphumulo’s acting talent in Yesterday episode

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Uzalo has proven again to be the most educating telenovela on SABC1. As you all know, South Africans are in the struggle with the abuse of women and children and that’s exactly what Uzalo gave us.

Nosipho has always loved Njeza and when they finally got back together giving their relationship a chance, Nosipho thought that they will live happily ever after. Of course, his red flags were there but like many young girls or women out there, she thought she can turn him into the kind of man she want.

Njeza has really abused Nosipho emotionally and physically. Yesterday after they came back to church and the pastor had touch base on the abusive relationship, njeza thought that Nosipho had told the pastor about how they live in their house and he immediately lost it.

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Taking his frustrations to Nosipho, he beats her to the palm until she was unable to breathe. Njeza even had the nerve to sleep in Nosipho’ send while Nosipho was sleeping on the floor without any blanket, that’s how far the abuser had gone now.

Njeza later thrown Nosipho out of her house saying that she is making noise. As a fed-up lady who can see that if she doesn’t stand on her own she will die, she went to buy a gun and came back to claim what belongs to her . She was ready to kill Njeza but she couldn’t do it. Instead she let him go and told him not to come back to her place .

This whole episode has really touched South Africans, Nosipho really outdone herself in the acting of this part and everyone was praising her .

Kindly please share your thoughts and let us know what you think about the abuse of women and children.

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