Uzalo’s Masoja Msiza Launches new song about GBV


Uzalo’s Masoja Msiza Launches new song about GBV

Uzalo’s Masoja Msiza Launches new song about GBV
Gender-Based Violence (GBV) has rocked the country for several years now and therefore the pressure mounts whenever a lady is reportedly murdered by their partner. Many celebrities have taken a stand against this pandemonium and Uzalo‘s Masoja Msiza is doing quite just voicing out his disapproval of this vile act.
Apart from acting, Msiza who plays Nkunzi on the SABC 1 telenovela is additionally a seasoned poet. Fusing poetry and soft Afro-pop, he and former cast member Xolani Ncobeni have teamed up to release a song titled I’m A Father. The song speaks about the important role that fathers should play in their children’s lives and in society.

Msiza appeals to men, generally, to play their vital roles in their respective societies of being protectors and providers. Contradictory to the character he plays, he outlines the responsibilities of an honest father and man.
Masoja Msiza (Nkunzi)

Speaking to Sowetan Live about the song he released yesterday on Thursday, he said it had been inspired by the growing number of cases of violence against women and youngsters in society.

“When the thought of the song started I knew that poetry alone won’t work on this song. I brought in Xolani to feature voice in order that the song is catchy. I even have realized that fathers are absent in terms of actions in their sons’ lives.
Masoja Msiza (Nkunzi)
“You see, when women have problems it’s easy [for them] to share their pain with others and be comforted. But with men they bottle tons of pain and frustrations because there are not any platforms where they will discuss their pain. We sleep in modern days where there’s lack of family structures which could assist in such situations,” he told the publication.

He is planning a men’s conference next year 2021, where he are going to be joined by councilors, spiritual and traditional leaders, to deal with men on the way to uphold their dignities in society.

“The song encourages all men to take a seat down and are available up with how forward on the way to stop this [scourge]. We come to the present world through women but it’s an equivalent men who kill them…”

Sello Maake-Ka Ncube is additionally very vocal when it involves lending his voice towards his cause. The ‘Mzansi Act Now’ campaign is made by a gaggle of men who want to ascertain change and put a stop to the nonsensical violence against women and youngsters .

Sello was asked by IOL news how he plans on achieving his goal and he simply said, “by raising our voices of dissent towards GBV we hope that this may prick the conscience of men.”