Uzalo’s Nyawo gets protection order against ‘stalker’ girlfriend

Uzalo’s Nyawo gets protection order against ‘stalker’ girlfriend

Uzalo actor Cebolenkosi Mthembu, affectionately known as the hilarious sesquipedalian police officer Nyawo, has allegedly opened a case against his ex girlfriend for apparently endangering his life. Daily Sun reports that Nyawo applied for an interim protection order against this said lover who is also an actress.

The publication reveals the actress to be an up-and-coming Durban Gen cast member by the name of Nanamhla Dalasile. Their relationship woes started when the Uzalo actor apparently did not tell her he has a baby. According to Nanamhla the two started dating in February but they did not end things instead they started fighting because he kept this secret from her.
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As an up-and-coming actress, she trusted Cebo to help her get more acting gigs, as he had promised.

After their fallout, Cebo reportedly applied for a protection order against her on Monday this week. He claims that she started stalking and threatening him, which made him feel as though his life in danger.

When contacted by Daily Sun, he admitted to knowing the woman, and applying for a protection order but refused to go into detail.

“The matter is now in the hands of the police. I didn’t feel safe. Yes, I know her. But I won’t go into detail. Me rushing to the police should tell you something is wrong,” he told the publication.

Nanamhla told his side of the story and said Nyawo is lying about endangering his life. She even revealed that he tricked her into signing the protection order.

“We started dating in February, but he didn’t mention he had a baby mama. He promised to help me get acting gigs. We didn’t end our relationship. Our fight started when I found out he had a baby mama. He’s now running away, telling lies and saying I’m stalking and threatening him.”
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“He called and asked to meet at The Workshop Shopping Centre to iron out our differences. When I got there he hid from me. After a few minutes the police came and ordered me to sign the protection order. I signed it but never saw him,” she was quoted as saying.

The actor suffered greatly last year as he also dabbles in radio as well and works at Imbokodo FM. Both these crafts require one to use his voice, and Cebo lost it but he quickly regained it and got back to doing what he loves.

“I was starting to think that maybe my ancestors are angry or they have turned their backs on me. But now it’s clear that it was just the medical condition,” he said. “I have started shooting. Although my voice is not fully recovered, it is better than before. I’m also going back to radio on Saturday,” he said at the time.

He is also a qualified electrician. Cebo studied Electrical Engineering and was rumoured to be working for the country’s power utility Eskom, where he was a technician inspector.