Vee Mampeezy talks about the damage of a painful divorce

Vee Mampeezy talks about the damage of a painful divorce

Vee Mampeezy recently opened up about his divorce on social media. The celebrity claimed that divorce’s agony was too personal for him. He discussed his public marriage to Kagiso Sento and how his divorce affected him on his Instagram page.

“The hurt is genuine.” I also have our fans and following in mind. Do they believe we let them down? What are those who set an example for us in their relationships saying to their spouses now?

want to know how they are feeling about this decision their parents made, do they feel it’s a selfish decision, do they feel it’s good for our happiness? I’m Also thinking about our followers and fans do they feel we disappointed them,those who made us role models for their relationships what are they saying to their partners now, Parents who have kids who love us what are they saying to them when they see us trending with such issues?Our partners in business/sponsors what are they saying about this?”

“As a Christian, I want to know what the church has to say about this. What are the genuine opinions of our friends and relatives on our circumstance? I’m prepared to be referred to as a divorcee? These are only a few of the questions that run through my head and make me feel quite afraid to confront the outside world.

Though I must man up. I have a show coming up, and people have already purchased tickets.

Perhaps I should use the Last Standing event as a diversion from all of this. I should give more to others, buy more combo tickets, double up on rehearsal, and give a stunning performance on December 10 that will boost my confidence and demonstrate that I am a part of a successful community. It should also make my kids, supporters, partners and sponsors, family, friends, and the church proud of me.

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