Vee Mampeezy’s birthday party in two days, Boity and Somizi will attend

Vee Mampeezy’s birthday party in two days, Boity and Somizi will attend

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Ahead of Botswana’s musician and businessman Vee Mampeezy’s birthday celebration this coming weekend. Boity might be walking into a lion’s den as fans have already hinted at drama following Vee Mampeezy’s ‘inappropriate’ posting.

Vee Mamapeezy’s birthday festivities this coming weekend are said to be out of this world as Boity and Somizi Mhlongo will be the host at Cigar Lounge. However, Boity might be walking into a lion’s den following what Vee Mampeezy has currently done on social media.

Ahead of his birthday celebration, Vee Mampeezy has been posting Boity’s half-naked pictures on Facebook and that has angered a number of his followers. To make matters worst, Vee Mampeezy’s wife Kagiso Sento is known to be a no-nonsense lady judging from her past relationship with Vee Mampeezy.

Taking to social media, Vee Mampeezy has been posting Boity ahead of his birthday celebration, although Boity may not be on the know with what is currently happening. However, Batswana are not jumping for joy for her being glorified on Facebook by Vee Mampeezy.

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Vee Mampeezy’s fans and followers have profusely lashed out and lambasted the star who is a married man for flaunting Boity’s half naked picture on his social media. Taking to social media, fans have made it known that Vee Mampeezy is out of line and may be opening a can of worms with his wife Kagiso Sento.

Evangelist Lloyd Mosika wrote “Nnyaa!! vee you might wanna have a sit down with your Facebook page manager sir… You are a married man, a father, a man of God and a role model… What message are you trying to send sir??? with all due respect kindly remove this post, because it doesn’t sit well with us your fans…we dont enjoy watching your family going into drama after another… You are an artist yes but above all, a man of God… I really pray that you consider my advice sir, we love you and may God continue to uplift you, God bless you sir”

Not only has Vee Mampeezy’s fans called hm out on his actions as inappropriate and distasteful. However, they have gone to remind him that his wife Kagiso Sento is not the one to be messed with. The couple has had their fair share of trying times during their marriage, especially last year.

The were rumors that the couple were almost getting divorced following some cheating and infidelity. Kagiso sento was reported to have smashed Vee Mampeezy’s expensive cars windows, out of anger and being furious.

Steven Martyr wrote “One minute you are praising God the next minute you are spreading Half naked woman, can somebody help me to understand this generation”

Fidei Gracia wrote “If you were my husband, I would break your cars”

Theo Bome wrote “I will expect drama dis wik”

Sharon Cindy Thipe wrote “you are starting Mampeezy right!”

Unknowingly, poor Boity might be walking into a lions den this coming weekend as fans who knows the extent drama between Vee mampeezy and his wife Kagiso Sento once had. Fans and followers have wished Vee Mampeezy Rest In Peace and this comes from the very same people who knows what once went down at the Sento’s household.

Both Boity and Somizi Mhlongo will be hosting Vee Mampeezy’s birthday clebration at Cigar Lounge in Botswana. After Vee mampeezy shot his shots at both Boity and Somizi Mhlongo on social media after he wished that they could host his birthday festivities.

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