Vhutshilo from Muvhango is an Engineer in real life

Vhutshilo from Muvhango is an Engineer in real life

Wavhudi Lidzhegu has been gracing our screens as part of the Muvhango cast for several years now. He has become a household name with his role as Vhutshilo, a spoiled young prince.

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His character on television has been easy for him to play because sometimes he portrays things he has been through. His rebellious nature on television is not all fictional, as he was defiant at a younger age in real life. However, that is a story for another day.

After a phase in his life where he was problematic to his parents, they did not give up on him. The actor made amends and enrolled in college, where he graduated with a certificate in mechanical engineering. Even though he is an Engineer by profession, the young man pursued acting as a career. He has been employed at the word-of-mouth picture production company for years now.

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Word of Mouth is known for preferring its actors to be educated, and Wavhudi was awarded the job after promising to return to school. His character is Azwindini and Susan’s son, who is pampered and rebellious but had to mature after his father kidnapped his girlfriend. Wavhudi received his major break in Muvhango at the age of 16, despite the fact that he had no experience.

The actor has opened up about how hard it is playing his character. This is because people start confusing his onscreen character with his real-life one. The actor says he has found himself explaining to his family that he is not like that. A few weeks ago, he found himself having to tell his fans that he was not into an older woman like Vhutshilo but only played the character after being attacked online.

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