Video: Blood & Water is now streaming on Netflix!


Video: Blood & Water is now streaming on Netflix!

fter crossing paths at a party, a Cape Town teen sets out to prove whether a private-school swimming star is her sister who was abducted at birth.
Starring:Ama Qamata, Khosi Ngema, Gail Mabalane
Netflix has added yet another new teen drama series to its ever expanding roster – with South African series Blood and Water the latest to arrive on the platform.

The mystery series, which follows a girl who’s search for her missing sister leads her to infiltrate a school, landed on Netflix today (Wednesday 20th May).

Here’s everything you need to know about the main cast and characters…
mama Qamata plays Puleng Khumalo

Blood and Water – Netflix

Who is Puleng Khumalo? The lead character in the arrangement, Puleng is a young person who moves to Parkhurst School since she has been persuaded that an understudy there is her sister – from whom she was isolated during childbirth.

What else has Ama Qamata been in? Qamata takes on her first screen job in Blood and Water – one of numerous individuals from the youthful cast to make their introduction in the arrangement.

Khosi Ngema plays Fikile Bhele

Blood and Water – Netflix

Who is Fikile Bhele? Fikile is the star understudy at Parkhurst School and is required to become head young lady. In the event that Puleng’s doubts are right, she is likewise the tragically deceased sister of Pankhurst’s new student.

What else has Khosi Ngema been in? Like Qamata, Ngema is another nearness on screen – with Blood and Water speaking to the main TV job of her vocation.

Gail Mabalane plays Thandeka Khumalo

Blood and Water – Netflix

Who is Thandeka Khumalo? Thandeka is Puleng’s mom, and is anxious to locate her tragically deceased more seasoned little girl – who likely could be Fikile.

What else has Gail Mabalane been in? Mabalane is a built up entertainer in South Africa, with past credits having included arrangement, for example, The Sham and forthcoming activity spine chiller film Reimbursement.

Thabang Molaba plays Karabo Molapo/’KB’

Blood and Water – Netflix

Who is Karabo Molapo? Karabo, who passes by KB is perhaps the closest companion at Parkhurst and rapidly turns into Puleng’s affection intrigue – he is additionally a yearning rapper.

What else has Thabang Molaba been in? Molaba is another on-screen character to make his screen debut in the arrangement, with no past significant credits to his name.

Dillon Windvogel plays Swim Daniels

Blood and Water – Netflix

Who is Swim Daniels? Swim is another understudy at Parkhurst – and is the child of the school’s superintendent. He builds up a pulverize on Puleng and is additionally a skilled picture taker.

What else has Dillon Windvogel been in? In the same way as other of his cast-mates, Windvogel is showing up in his first significant television arrangement.

Arno Greef plays Chris Ackerman

Blood and Water – Netflix

Who is Chris Ackerman? Chris is another companion of Fikile, and is the occupant athlete at Parkhurst just as a fruitful swimmer. He is pansexual, and is differently involved with Zama (played by Cindy Mahlangu) and Imprint (Duane Williams).

What else has Arno Greef been in? This is Greef’s most significant job to date – however he has recently showed up in some neighborhood South African creations including television films Desember and Playboyz.

Ryle De Morny plays Chad Morgan

Blood and Water – Netflix

Who is Chad Morgan? The school’s swimming trainer, Chad is subtly engaging in extramarital relations with Fikile.

What else has Ryle De Morny been in? In spite of the fact that this is De Morny’s first acting job he has showed up on screen before as a television moderator in South Africa.

Greteli Fincham plays Reece Van Rensburg

Blood and Water – Netflix

Who is Reece Van Rensburg? Reece is another individual from Fikile’s dear fellowship gathering and furthermore acquires cash by managing drugs at the school.

What else has Greteli Fincham been in? Fincham has recently shown up in another South African dramatization, Alles Malan, which centers around the everyday existence of a carefree Afrikaans family.

Getmore Sithole plays Julius Khumalo

Who is Julius Khumalo? Puleng’s dad, Julius has numerous privileged insights that may become visible during the arrangement.

What else has Getmore Sithole been in? Sithole has gotten a scope of credits in South Africa – most noticeably as D’Souza in show Freedom, while he additionally showed up in two scene of ITV dramatization Wild on a fundamental level.

Odwa Gwanya plays Siya Khumalo

Blood and Water – Netflix

Who is Siya Khumalo? Siya is Puleng’s more youthful sibling.

What else has Odwa Gwanya been in? Gwanya’s just other job as yet was in the 2019 film Bhai’s Bistro, where he played a road vagrant.

Mekaila Mathys plays Tahira Kahn

Blood and Water – Netflix

Who is Tahira Kahn? Tahira is Fikile’s opponent in the race to become head young lady at Parkhurst and is perhaps the most astute understudy at the school.

What else has Mekaila Mathys been in? Mathys recently showed up as 8-Ball in the South African arrangement Domain and has likewise had jobs on Television programs Underground government and danZ!.

Natasha Thahane plays Wendy Dlamini

Who is Wendy Dlamini? Wendy is resolved to prevent Fikile from turning into the head young lady, and is leader of the school magazine at Parkhurst School.

What else has Natasha Thahane been in? Thahane is somewhat increasingly encountered that a portion of her castmates on the show, having recently showed up on South African arrangement The Sovereign and Lockdown.

Sandi Schultz plays Nicole Daniels

Blood and Water – Netflix

Who is Nicole Daniels? Nicole is Parkhurst’s headmistress and Swim’s mom.

What else has Sandi Schultz been in? Schultz has recently featured in a scope of shows in South Africa including Trackers, and Pass on Spreeus just as US dramatization City of Blessed messengers.