Video: Dancer Kamo Mphela falls on stage at Idols SA

Video: Dancer Kamo Mphela falls on stage at Idols SA

Dancer Kamo Mphela

Intertainer and Influencer Kamo Mphela was not having one of her best nights yesterday when she fell on the stage during a performance. The artist, who made her name through her Amapiano dances, rushed on to the stage, stumbled and fell before rising again as nothing has happened.

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Kamo, who famously claimed that she is still a v!rgin, delivered an electric performance soon after the blunder.

The incident was seen by some of the viewers who took to Twitter to share the video!

kamo mphela falls of stage video
kamo mphela falls of stage video

Here are some of the interesting comments about the fall.

“#idolssa we all saw what happened Kamo Mphela ryt?”
One Tweep has some words of encouragement for Kamo.

Kamo Mphela was like “Oksalayo the show must go on”. It’s not about how many times you fall, but it is about how many times you can get up. O thinthe dust, mošito o tšwela pele!”

While some made fun of the incident, some fans feel Kamo is bullied on Twitter.
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“The way Kamo Mphela is always bullied on this app is sad shame. GUYS PLEASE STOP!!!”

Kamo mphela FELL inlove with her performance before it even started and guess what it was a great one. Wena ke laughing at Kamo Mphela what are you falling for or what have you fell for that makes you the greatest? Dololo”

“Wait Did Kamo Mphela just…..and pretended nothing happened vele”

“Kamo Mphela just gave us a true definition of ”WHEN YOU FALL, GET BACK UP AND KEEP GOING”. She fell, stood up, kept it going and gave us immense energy!”

“Kamo mphela was sabaweling the stage floor”

“We must get used to it artist will always fall on the stage #kamomphela.It’s how Kamo Mphela continued dancing like nothing happened.