Video: DJ Sumbody was Allegedly Shot 21 Times

Video: DJ Sumbody was Allegedly Shot 21 Times

Life is too short and we have to live our lives like there is no tomorrow. Everyone has enemies and those enemies are always waiting to attack. Some people cannot stand to see someone happy. Some people cannot stand to see the success of other people. They feel intimidated by someone’s happiness.

This young man was about to celebrate his party today little did people know that it will be the end of him. It is so painful and his family will not recover from this pain not anytime soon.

Someone decided to shoot him 21 Times and run away. This happened right in the middle of the road. This is also quite scary that people did not see it or what. How can someone decide to take someone’s life just like that? Life is so precious and someone just decided to commit a sin and have blood on their hands.

His family is so devasted and this will be a wound in their heart for the rest of their lives. It is not something that you can accept because he was not sick, he was killed. He was not killed alone he was killed with his bodyguard. This shows that it was planned and this person might have followed him through from wherever he was coming from.

This is an evidence to show that people can laugh with you and hate you at the same time. This was not done by someone who does not know him. What does a person gain from killing someone as if they will leave for the rest of their lives. We will all die but no one has the right to kill somebody. Rest in peace Dj Somebody you will always be remembered. May your family find comfort. People are cruel and once they see competition in you they will want to eliminate you.

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