Video: Dj Zinhle and Oskido arriving at AKA’s house.

Video: Dj Zinhle and Oskido arriving at AKA’s house.

South Africans have started making their individual comments towards the fact that the former fiancé whose name is DJ Zinhle of the late artist AKA was not supposed to be at the home of this particular man, especially because she is now engaged to another guy.

This woman has a child with this late artist, and other people believe that it is only right for her to support the family at this particular time irrespective of the fact that she is dating another man.

It is so sad to see that her daughter has lost a father, and perhaps this could be the main reason why she has to go and support the family, especially because they did not fight when he was still alive and they would co-parent and make sure that the interest of the baby is secured.

This is a sad moment for South Africans who loved this artist with all their hearts.

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