Video: Jacob Zuma is dancing at Amapiano song


Video: Jacob Zuma is dancing at Amapiano song


Jacob Zuma has left people talking after he was seen dancing to Amapiano’s song. This shows that he had gained strength and was well physically. The former president Jacob Zuma was seen dancing with his daughter to a song the was made for Zuma. He had such good moves which show that he is healthy now.
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People were actually happy to see him dancing like that as they miss him. Most people miss him as a president and after his cases, people thought he was not going to smile again. But lucky he is still a happy man with his family.

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This shows that he has accepted his way of leaving and he looks happier. This means being a president has an effect on his life which is why he needs some happiness. People might try to not see it but he is happy. Political things we running his health for him to stop was the best decision.

He is no longer scared that he might wake up in jail or something. The video left people laughing at him but also happy for him. Her daughter Dudu Zuma is actually keeping him happy and away from social media at this moment.

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