Video: Julius Malema celebrates Father’s day with his son in his own way

Video: Julius Malema celebrates Father’s day with his son in his own way

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Julius Malema has always had his own way of winning the hearts of people. Today as we are celebrating father’s day many people are making preparations on how they will celebrate this special day for the father’s she some are planning something something special, but Malema has other plans which are far different from other people’s plans.

He took it to his twitter account and apploaded a video of himself back riding his youngest son and captioned “Happy Father’s Day fellow Africans.”

It seems Juju will spend his special day baby sitting his youngest son which is her touching and adorable at the same time. Not all fathers are capable of baby sitting their children as they have thus mentality that its a wife’s duty, however Juju has decided to give his wife some to off and take care of their son. It really looks lime his is enjoying taking care of his son on the video he shared and people couldn’t stop commenting.

Here are some of the comments below:

“Happy father’s day to you my President, enjoy your day we love you take care of your self my President.”

“Happy Father’s Day. You always show the qualities of leadership, the other you were proved by women in pap today you’re showing qualities of being a father salute.”

“Happy Father’s Day to The CiC Julius Malema. Men usually do this when they’re guilty of infidelity and the wife knows.”