Video: Nandi Madida cheated out of her millions

Video: Nandi Madida cheated out of her millions

Nandi Madida

Nandi Madida has taken to social media to line the record straight over the news story that she and her manager are currently hostile over money owed to her of roughly R3.7 million. Enough money to hide what Zakes Bantwini is worth, but we aren’t there!

The news story suggested that Nandi was during a feud together with her manager suggesting that the manager was guilty of just about deed with over R3 million of Nandi’s money that she earned because the ambassador of LUX. A deal that had daughter flourish such a lot together with her signature lavender short cut that landed her because the lead in Beyoncé’s “Black Is King,” within the character of the older Nala. a personality she will never unlive because- well…

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In addressing the matter Nandi has released a press release addressing the allegations. The statement starts off by clarifying, “I can confirm a summons has been sent in the week from my legal team to an agent who worked on the LUX campaign for Unilever.”

The real tea then starts as names are dropped and therefore the dragging begins. Nandi’s statement goes on to mention that, “Thamsanqa Fakazi (known as Amaru Da Costa) from Ade Holding Propriety who wasn’t my manager and has never been my manager as his company is that the agent of this campaign. He has been issued with a summons for outstanding money he has not paid me from the LUX campaign, because the ambassador.”

The statement goes on to suggest that Thamsanqa or Amaru was paid the cash fully by LUX to pay Nandi. But without saying it directly, the statement does suggest that Amaru was paid and decided why would Mrs. Madida need the cash if she is happily married to at least one of the most important musicians and producers in South Africa? So thereupon thinking, it seems that Amaru felt whom wouldn’t it hurt to bag the cash for himself.

The last time he was featured on social media was when he got married to wife and model, Tshepiso Ralehlathe. But those images have since been also taken down. Leaving the mystery of Thamsanqa’s real identity to continue.